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Deluxe one-way cruise Wonders from Split to Dubrovnik

Deluxe one-way cruise Wonders from Split to Dubrovnik blank

Uvala Baluni bb,Split, Splitsko-Dalmatinska,21000,Croatia
Tel: +44 7561 362 434,
Tap to call +44 7561 362 434
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- Deluxe one-way cruise Wonders from Split to Dubrovnik Uvala Baluni bb, Split, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, 21000, Croatia +44 7561 362 434
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Deluxe one-way cruise from Split to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Cruise itinetrary

Swimming, relaxation, sightseeing of visited places, ...

Check-in / Check-out times

Check in on Saturday at 14.00 in Split in Croatia.
Check-out on Saturday at 9.00 in Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Cruise Ship or Vessel

We suggest travel to Croatia with airline.
Airport Taxi transfer is included.

Airports & Airport transfers

Split Airport is closest airport to Split in Croatia.
Dubrovnik Airport is closest airport to Dubrovnik in Croatia.
There are regular airlines flying to Split and Dubrovnik from UK and Europe.

Car travel route

We suggest travel to Split and from Dubrovnik with airline.
Airport taxi transfer is included.

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Online booking
Online booking
Online booking
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